Welcome to the LEGO building challenge. How many building challenges will you be able to complete?

1) The Scout or Guide Crest.
2) Build a bridge that can hold something heavy.
3) Build a campsite.
4) A tower that is as tall as a table
5) Your dream house.
6) Your favourite animal.
7) Build a boat that floats.
8) Build your initials.
9) Build a marble maze.
10) Build your very own castle.
11) Create an alien from another planet.
12) Create a robot.
13) Build a rocket ship.
14) Design your dream LEGO pizza.
15) Build a new car for your minifigures.

Be sure to take a picture of all your designs and have fun!

The challenge is open to everyone involved in Scouting and Guiding in the County of North Yorkshire (from Beavers and Rainbows through to adults). The competition will be open for submissions until 30 September 2021. Any entry received beyond that date will not be judged. Entries must be submitted to the following email address only: creative@nys.org.uk

All entries must be submitted with the name of the entrant, Section (Beaver, Brownie etc.), Scout or Guide Group, District plus Guide County details, an email and postal contact and confirmation that the entry is all the entrant’s own work. The entries will be judged in the appropriate section, all judging will be anonymous, and the decisions of the judges will be final.