Activities and Structures

As far as practicable we want to retain our existing Group and District committee structures, and keep them active.

There are lots of activity and badge resources being created to support continuation of Scouting.  Some are referenced in the Appendix below.  We plan to provide links to some key ones from our District website.  Of particular note is a new Badges at Home feature on OSM where young people can upload evidence of badge progress, and activity suggestions on the HQ Scouts website.  There is also a new Programmes at Home feature in OSM to help plan virtual Section meetings.  Remember to have at least 2 adults on each online meeting with young people and to follow our Yellow Card.

We want to keep sharing evidence of active Scouting, so encourage parents to post images on your Group Facebook pages.  Where you have permission please share some on our public facing Ebor Scouts Public Facebook  page. 

Technical support on how to use video conferencing and OSM tools can be accessed via

Challenges and Events

At a District/City level we plan to promote some special challenges and Events over the next few weeks, to run over the coming months e.g. Beaver Record Breakers, Sunflower growing, Photography, 100 challenges, Camp at Home.

Resources to Support Virtual Scouting

Some resources we have found so far are listed below.  We will provide links to key ones on our Ebor District website, and add to this list.

Indoor ActivitiesThe Great Indoors
Activities at Home – HQActivities at Home
OSM: Badges at Home and Programmes at HomeOSM Facebook New features are available if you have subscribed to the Badges feature in Parent Portal (£1p.a.).
Badge Workbooks


Keep your Group Facebook pages active with ongoing communication with parents, and images of continued Scouting. Post photos of past fun Scouting events from time to time.

Encourage parents to check out our public facing Facebook site to post photos of their young people Scouting at home, and see what others are doing.   We may also promote other Scouting events on there.

Leaders to monitor our private Ebor Scouts Adult Volunteers Facebook to share and receive the latest ideas and suggestions.  Switch off notifications if you want to pick your times to catch up rather than be constantly inundated.

Invite your young people (with parental support) to send postcards of kindness to people who are isolated.  Post pictures of your Beaver Scout mascot doing activities at home.

Online AGMs

North Yorkshire Scouts have recently released guidance on how to host an online Annual General Meeting. For details click here.

Useful Links

Live Stream Zoos

1st Facebook Scout Group

1st Virtual Scout Group

Covid19 Guidance for Charities

Steve Backshall Wildlife YouTube Channel

Scout Radio

Scoutadelic YouTube Channel

Alton Towers Online

PXAdventures Activity Packs

Big Man in the Woods You Tube Scouting

Redcar Campfire on Facebook Live  could use recording instead of doing your own camp fire