To provide the best Scouting we can for our young people, all adult volunteers require some training, tailored to their specific role.  Each volunteer is assigned to a Training Adviser (TA) who will help to build a Personal Learning Plan, and guide you through the learning and validation processes.  If you are unsure of who your Training Adviser is, check the list on our District website under Resources.  If struggling to contact them, or have any queries on training that your GSL or TA cannot answer, contact our Local Training Manager using the form below.  Different roles have different training requirements. For a full breakdown of which training is required for each role, please click here to visit The Scouts website.  

Most courses can be booked via the North Yorkshire Scouts Eventbrite page. There are a mixture of face-to-face and ZOOM sessions. PLEASE NOTE: You can complete training modules in any Scouting District or county, so if you register for a course with another county, please make sure you inform your Training Adviser, so it can be signed off on Compass.

Getting Started

Volunteers are required to complete Getting Started modules within the first 5 months of starting the role. This comprises modules one, two, three (or four if in a  management role) plus GDPR, Safety & Safeguarding. Executive Committee members must also complete the Trustee Induction. Learning and validation for these modules is accessed online.  You just need to share your completion certificates with your TA to update COMPASS.

In addition to the Getting Started elements most Leader and Manager roles are required to complete other modules within 3 years of their appointment.  They are rewarded with a Wood Badge to acknowledge completion.  Learning resources for the other modules can be found here.  When we are able to we will also run face-to-face courses for some of these as another option.  These have the additional benefit of learning from other trainees and experienced trainers, and building useful contacts.  Your TA will be notified of any available training courses.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

As part of your role you will be required to participate in ongoing learning.  As a minimum Safety, Safeguarding and First Response need to be renewed every three years. There are also several supplementary training modules and webinars available to extend your skills, and enable you to move onto other roles.

First Response (1st Aid)

To run Scouting activities we need at least one adult at each session with in-date First Response training. First Response training can be done via one 6-hour face-to-face course or through an online course, which can then be topped up with the practical elements later.  You should inform our County Training Team when you have completed this training, so that they can update your COMPASS records when you have completed both the theory and practical elements.  Completion of the theory online is currently sufficient to qualify you as first aid cover for Scouting activities.

To book onto a face-to-face first response course, please email Rachel Furby on To book other first response course, please visit the link here.

To enrol for the First Response training go to…/firstresponsen… 

For more information on all things training in the District please contact the Local Training Manager if your TA cannot help.

Training Resources

You should talk with your TA to review which modules you need to complete, which will require training, and which may not, based on your previous experience.   For each module you need to validate how you have applied learning in practice.  Guidance on the training scheme can all be found on The Scouts website

An overview of all the available modules is here:

Contact the Training Manager