Sunrise – Sunset Activity Day!

15 May 2020

A Message from North Yorkshire Scouts County Commissioner, Mark Edwards:

I am announcing an exciting North Yorkshire event we hope to put on. On Sunday 21st June we celebrate the longest day. What we propose is a day long programme of events that our young people, adults and families can tune into; a kind of virtual activity day.

How will it work? We will set out at the beginning of June a day long programme of individual events. These will take place at different times during the day. We can use Zoom, the County GoToMeeting platform and maybe pre-recorded things on YouTube.

For example, at 10am we could have making dandelion tea, making a newspaper puppet, a Zumba class (lasting say 15, 20 or 30 minutes), next up could be a relaxation class, a knotting contest or scavenger hunt.
We are hoping that different Districts, a pair of leaders, a Group or section team will volunteer to put on an event (just as long as two DBS volunteers are on each call).

So, what I now need is for you to decide if you could offer up an activity – and be as creative as you want. Please let me know what you could offer and the County Leadership Team will build this into a programme lasting all day, hopefully from sunrise to sunset. If you are able to offer something, please contact me in the next week at We will issue a virtual certificate for attendance but I am also hoping to offer a badge.