Adult Training

The majority of Scouting roles require some learning or the ability to demonstrate existing knowledge on the part of the adult member. Members will be allocated a Training Adviser (TA) who will help guide you through the learning and validation processes.  If you are unsure of who your Training Adviser is, check the list on our website under Resources.  If struggling to contact them, or have any queries on training that your GSL or Training Adviser cannot answer contact our Local Training Manager using the form below.

Training Resources

You should talk with your TA to review which modules you need to complete, which will require training, and which may not.   For each module you need to validate how you have applied learning in practice. The training scheme, matrix of modules and guides can all be found on the members area of The Scouts Website here:

Learning Materials

There is a factsheet explaining the training scheme – Adult Training Scheme, your TA will explain this to you and agree which modules of the Module Matrix will require learning.  You can find Resources for learners on The Scouts website too.  These include resource materials for each of the modules within the Adult Training Scheme.

Your training progress can be followed in the Adults Personal file:

Getting Started

Getting Started modules comprise modules one, two, three (or four if in a  management role) plus GDPR. Learning for these modules can be accessed online and the District and County periodically run courses too.  Getting started modules need to be completed within five months of starting your role.

Links to e-learning are found here:

Learning resources for all modules can be found here.

Other Modules

Training Courses

You will agree with your TA if any training is required, if this is the case you may wish to attend a training course, these may be provided by the District or the County.

For County training courses please follow this link:

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

As part of your role you will be required to participate in ongoing learning.

Most roles require 1st Aid (first response) training, which needs to be updated every three years)

In addition, Safety and Safeguarding training needs to be repeated every five years

First Response (1st Aid)

District first response courses run fairly frequently throughout the year, make sure you are booked on either the 2 hour refresher or the 6 hour full course before your current certificate expires.  Please note that these courses may be cancelled if the minimum number of people required is not met.

For more information on all things training in the District or to book onto District courses please contact the Local Training Manager.

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