England Readiness Level Moves To Amber

7 July 2020

Late yesterday afternoon you may have seen that The Scout Association changed the readiness level to Amber for England.

This now means that sections can meet outside in groups of 15; this number includes the adult leaders. A further restriction is that adults or young people cannot move between different groups on the same day, so different groups need to be 25 metres apart and have different start and finish times.

You must complete your risk assessment and get authorisation from your District Commissioner, or their nominee before anything happens. So, I guess you wait until this is done before you inform your young people, set a date or raise their hopes. There is no compulsion to do this now and this is not a competition. It is first and foremost making sure your leaders are happy to support an outside face-to-face meeting and then you put in all the safety measures to ensure ratios are correct. Only once this is complete and your risk assessment has been approved will you be good to go.

To receive official authorisation from York Ebor to recommence face-to-face Scouting, please email your completed risk assessment, which can be found on the District Resources page, to F2FScouting@eborscouts.org.uk.