Attention Budding Writers!

22 August 2020

Short Story and Poetry Competition


The competition is open to everyone involved in Scouting and Guiding in the County of North Yorkshire (from Beavers and Rainbows through to adults). We will put all the best entries in an electronic anthology and there will be prizes for the top entries in each section.

The theme of the competition is “FREEDOM”

We take our freedom for granted, but what would you do if you suddenly found that your freedom had been taken away?
Or …. What would you do if, you found after a long time of not being allowed to do what you wanted, go where you wanted, to say or even think whatever you wanted, you were suddenly free to do so?

  • Your entry can be typed or hand-written
  • We suggest that a minimum of one A4 page or up to 500 hundred words is a suitable submission

The competition will be open for submission until 30 September 2020. Any entry received beyond that date will not be judged. Entries must be submitted to the following email address only:

All entries must be submitted with the name of the author, section (Beaver, Brownie etc), Scout or Guide group, District plus Guide county details, an email or postal contact and confirmation that the short story is all the entrant’s own work. The entries will be judged in the appropriate section, all judging will be anonymous and the decisions of the judges will be final.