District Leadership Team

We have a great team of volunteers supporting Scouting across the District. If you are interested in helping the team, or have any questions please contact our District Commissioner via dc.ebor@nys.org.uk.

Team Role ( *core team member)Primary Responsibilities
Deputy District Commissioner * Share responsibilities with District Commissioner to support Scouting across the District.
Assistant District Commissioner – Explorer Scouts *Provide support, build connections and encourage shared events across Explorer Units. Support Young Leader development and achievement of Explorer Section Awards. Build links with Duke of Edinburgh Advisers, Scout Network and York University Scouts and Girl Guides (SAGGY).
District Youth Commissioner (currently aged 18-25) *Work with other Youth Commissioner(s) to: support the shaping and delivery of District Development Plans and activities. Promote YouShape awards.
District Communications Manager Promote local Scouting and positive perceptions. Build partnerships and connections. Internal and external communications. Build a Digital Strategy for the District with support from our Digital Advice Team.
Assistant District Commissioner – Adult Support *Provide a listening ear, guidance and support for our adult volunteers. Develop and implement a Retention, Recruitment and Growth Plan for the District.
Assistant District Commissioner – Activities *Co-ordinate a multi-disciplinary team including ambassadors for York Active Support, Snowball Plantation, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, to plan District activities and programme support.
District Scouter – BeaversSupport District team in identifying support needs, and planning District activities for Beavers.
District Scouter – CubsSupport District team in identifying support needs, and planning District activities for Cubs.
District Scouter – ScoutsSupport District team in identifying support needs, and planning District activities for Scouts.
District AdministratorSupport our District Leadership team and GSLs with analysis of data, administration and logistics.
Trainers & Skills InstructorsTo support development of our volunteers we want to build our pool of trainers and skills instructors to provide activities and development opportunities in a range of areas e.g. Adult training, Young Leader training, Safety, First Aid and Scouting Skills.
Fundraising TeamApply for grants, to support and grow local Scouting, and further develop our facilities at Snowball Plantation.
To further develop local Scouting please join one of the following District Focus Groups:
Training and Development of Adults and Young Leaders
Retention, Recruitment, Growth and Supporting Volunteers
Marketing and Communications
Connecting and Supporting Explorers, Young Leaders and Scout Network
Activities and Programme Support